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Fibre In Focus - Jute

Fibre In Focus - Jute Jute rugs and runners have been an interior staple for many years, with these durable and eco-conscious designs being the perfect base for an array of...

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In conversation with TRAKS co-founder Karie Soehardi

Towards the end of 2021 Tribe Home was one of the first rug companies in Australia to join the TRAKS program. TRAKS is Australia’s first rug recycling program, created by...

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Fibre In Focus: Wool

We all know rugs can be made from a multitude of different fibres - from silk to wool to cotton and everything in between. Each fibre serves a purpose, whether...

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Trends For 2022 — What To Expect

2021 was another year full of the unexpected, and once again we saw our creative community band together to find new and innovative ways to fulfil their vision.  While not...

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Extending The Longevity Of Your Rug

Finding the perfect rug to complete your home is always an exciting time, after all, we believe that at the heart of every home is a beautiful handmade rug. However,...

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Care & Fair Initiative and COVID 19

At Tribe Home, we have committed ourselves to the Care & Fair human project initiative. The Care & Fair human project works towards terminating unjust practices throughout the carpet weaving...

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Luxury Underfoot - Rugs for Every Space

A rug can transform a room, it can make an echoing space feel warm and cosy, a dull space bright and inviting, therefore, it is clear that selecting the right rug for your space...

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10 Years of Tribe Home

This year Tribe Home celebrates 10 years. With this milestone comes not only celebration but reflection and introspection.  It was through the love of travelling and a passion for rugs...

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