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Care & Fair Initiative and COVID 19

At Tribe Home, we have committed ourselves to the Care & Fair human project initiative. The Care & Fair human project works towards terminating unjust practices throughout the carpet weaving regions across India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Our donations contribute to the support of the communities who ethically craft our rugs, through the creation of school and training opportunities, as well as health care and other measures provided by Care & Fair to abolish illegal child labour. Through our commitment to Care & Fair, Tribe Home advocates and contributes to improving local infrastructure, welfare, and livelihoods. 

At Tribe Home, we want all our customers to be comforted by the fact that each of our rugs has a Care & Fair label to indicate that our products are ethically supporting fair wages, trade & conduct.  

While the entire world has been impacted by COVID these past two years, India, and our friends and suppliers have shown enormous resilience.  

During the pandemic the Care & Fair Initiative have continued to help their schools, projects and institutions in India in the following ways: 

  • Provided work sheets to teachers and students while learning from home
  • Provided computer skills classes to teachers so they could create their own work sheets for students 
  • Helped teachers set up outdoor classrooms 
  • Set up centres in the villages to ensure students and children have access to school supplies including pens and paper 
  • Continued to pay full salaries to all teachers, doctors and employees 
  • Provided masks and disinfectant to the community to help get students and teachers back into classrooms
  • Continued paying running costs of all active projects 
  • Care & Fair teachers visited more than 60 villages (approx. 150,000 people) to help explain the importance of washing hands and social distancing during peak periods, as well as helping to update and educate the villages of any new and updated government instructions that concerned the fight against COVID

All of this would not have been possible without members, sponsors and donations made to Care & Fair.

Last year, in addition to our annual contributions to Care & Fair, Tribe Home donated $50 from every sale over $350 during our Boxing Day sales, helping to further fortify the efforts of Care & Fair in India.

This year, we will be donating $80 from every order over $400 during our Boxing Day sales. Make a difference this Boxing Day when you shop with Tribe Home. 

Discover more about Care & Fair here
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