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Fibre In Focus - Jute

Fibre In Focus - Jute

Jute rugs and runners have been an interior staple for many years, with these durable and eco-conscious designs being the perfect base for an array of interior schemes.

To ensure you have all the necessary knowledge about this textural fibre, this fibre in focus series is Jute. 

What is Jute? 

Jute is a long, soft, shiny bast vegetable fibre from a Jute Plant - or if we are getting technical, the Corchorus capsularis plant. Most commonly grown in countries like India and Bangladesh, these raw fibres can be spun into coarse, strong threads. The fibres from this plant can also be used to make burlap and hessian cloth. 

What are the benefits of Jute? 

There are a number of benefits to placing a Jute rug in your home, including but not limited to the following:

Hardwearing & Durable

Being one of the more coarse and stronger fibres in the rug and soft furnishing world means that Jute is perfect for high traffic areas of the home. You can place it in busy hallways and sitting rooms without having to worry about too much upkeep or early wear and tear.


Recyclable and biodegradable

Being a natural fibre, Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and does not create any toxic gas when burned. When you are finished with Jute products they can degrade biologically in one to years and are compostable (as long as all tags have been removed). Jute rugs can also be recycled through companies like TRAKS where they strip back the fibres and reuse them for new products. 


Eco Friendly

In addition to being recyclable and biodegradable, Jute is kind to the environment. Not only is Jute a rain fed crop, it also requires fewer fertilisers and pesticides compares to crops like cotton. Being a natural fibre it doesn’t put pressure on soil or the general environment meaning that Jute can be continually grown and used for products without any negative impacts. 



Jute is a timeless design that has been present in interiors since the 18th century and continues to remain a staple in interiors today. Jute will never go out of style, and will continue to add a touch of texture and coastal flair to interiors and homes. 

 How do you clean and care for a Jute rug and/or runner? 

Jute is a relatively easy and low maintenance fibre to care for. Rugs with natural fibres tend to hide dirt and dust fairly well, so vacuuming one to two times a week should be enough to keep your rug maintained for the everyday. It does not need to be cleaned yearly by a professional like rugs made of other fibres do. When vacuuming your jute rug, this should be done in a ‘V’ shape to help avoid aggravating the fibres in the long term, and avoid using rotating heads. 

When it comes to spills and stains, you will need to act fast. Jute doesn’t like water, so when tacking spills and stains, try to use as little liquid as possible. 

  • Blot spills with a clean undyed cloth or paper towel.  
  • Ensure all excess liquid is removed, carefully scrape heavier spills.  
  • Using a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water, always dab the stain, do not rub. 
  • Address the outside of the spill first, to stop it from spreading, dab towards the middle from the outer edge. 
  • Once finished the rug will need to be dried immediately to avoid any discolouration. This can be done with a hair dryer on the ‘cool setting’ or by placing outside on a warm day for a short time.
  • Call a professional cleaner if the stain persists.

Like all rugs, Jute can fade over time, it is recommended to rotate your rug regularly and avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time to prevent fast fading and sun damage. 

For ease of cleaning and more peace of mind, we highly recommend using a protector like Microseal on your Jute rugs as this penetrates the fibres and won’t break away overtime, meaning your rug will be protected for longer in comparison to using alternative protective sprays, view more information here.


Natural Characteristics of Jute and Jute/Wool blend rugs:

  • Jute rugs will return it it's natural yellow colour over time, this is a standard characteristic to expect from all kinds of jute rugs, including dyed jute and wool/jute blends. 
  • Some shedding is expected, particular in the first few months, however should subside over time with regular vacuuming. 
  • When first opening your Jute rug you may notice a woody smell. This is typically due to the natural fibres the rug is made of and will subside with time. You can speed up the process of removing any scent by opening up doors and windows or using a room deodoriser. 
  • Pop ups: Occasionally loose threads appear. Yarn pop ups are not a manufacturing fault, just a characteristic of this weave. Remember your rug is handmade note machine made. Never pull pop ups, simply push back through or trim to pile height 

Discover our range of Jute and Jute/Wool Blend rugs.  

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