Our Philosophy

"It has never been more apparent that rugs are an integral part of interior decoration. To imagine a room without a handmade rug is to imagine an empty soulless space that lacks character and warmth.

A room with a rug encourages people to gather and feel comfortable in their surroundings. It encourages people to stay longer and linger. It is the secret ingredient that brings the whole interior scheme together"

Tina Richards, Director.

Although we’re always looking forward, we cannot ignore our past. Ten years ago, modern rugs were hard to source in Australia, a country whose inhabitants have a strong passion for interior design, rugs were often overlooked and not considered a priority of interior decoration. One could say that rugs were items purchased for traditional homes and not modern sanctuaries. This was all about to change. 

It was through the love of traveling, studying interior design and a passion for rugs that led Director, Tina Richards to create the brand Tribe Home in 2010. Having grown up in a multi-cultural family in New Zealand, moving to Australia and living abroad, being asked “which tribe are you from?” was an endearing question that would regularly be asked.

At Tribe Home we whole heartedly believe that even though we’re from different tribes, we’re all the same, your tribe allows you to feel a sense of connectedness and belonging. 

Tribe Home represents a strong feeling of connectedness and belonging with our ancestry, with our home, with our suppliers, with the extremely talented crafts people who weave our rugs, with our customers and all other like-minded people we are fortunate to meet along our journey. Although we are from different Tribes and varying countries, we believe in social equality, we all share the need to survive and flourish. 

Tribe Home draws from numerous sources of reference and inspiration, among them furniture, art and surroundings in the design world. Interior schemes have already formed in our minds when curating our rugs, each piece we hand select into production is chosen looking through the lens of a designer’s eye. 

We consider how the rug will relate to a space and importantly what impact it will have is paramount. It’s important to feel a strong connectedness to every rug that forms our collections.

There is nothing like owning a beautiful handmade rug, one rug can travel through 60 hands before it covers your floors. It’s a reminder to go slow and be patient and present, just as the weaver who created your rug. When you purchase a Tribe Home rug not only are you owning something truly magnificent to enhance your interiors, but you’re also contributing to the livelihoods of many people around the globe.​ 

In an age where machinery is fast replacing people, we face the possibility that rug weaving may one day become extinct. It is our intention that together we can help preserve the craft of handmade rugs globally whilst contributing to the welfare of those in the carpet weaving regions.​