Trends For 2022 — What To Expect

Trends For 2022 — What To Expect

Trends For 2022 — What To Expect

2021 was another year full of the unexpected, and once again we saw our creative community band together to find new and innovative ways to fulfil their vision. While not forgetting the past two years, we are now looking forwards to the trends that are expected to dominate the design industry in 2022. 

Always the first point of reference for what to expect in the year to come is
Pantone’s colour of the year, with the colour of 2022 being Very Peri – a new hue within the blue family that encompasses qualities of the blues with whilst also displaying a violet red undertone. 

For the first time in its history, Pantone created a colour for its selection, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman confirmed that the Institutes decision to do this “reflects the global innovation and transformation taking place” in the design industry with “the complexity of this new red violet infused blue hue” highlighting “the expansive possibilities that lay before us” after two challenging years.

Without wanting to limit themselves or the design industry, Pantone also put forth a guide of multiple colours expected to trend in during the first half of the year. These colours lean towards the familiar, while at the same time, offering “free-spirited optimism and a feeling of new liberation” – which is exactly what we all need after the past two years. Within this guide we see buoyant primary colours, familiar neutrals, nature inspired hues and soft pastels, all of which come together to spell out the trends of 2022. 

Reinforcing the importance of bringing the outdoors inside this year, a style we saw traces of in the backend of 2021, Vogue Living declare natural fibres to be one of five key interior trends for the year. Raw and undyed materials, nature inspired designs and vividly textural pieces all fall into play under this scheme to help enhance “comfort levels in our homes” by adding “personal accents” that help to nurture our soul. Homes to love continue to support the idea that interiors with a “connection to nature” will be a big trend in 2022, with an increase in “natural timber finishes and furnishings” anticipated to be adopted into all aspects of the home, whether that be raw wool, timber or stone. House Beautiful also believe that this trend will be adopted through an increase in specifying the handmade and upcycled furniture and fixtures. 

While nature inspired textures and hues are clearly on the rise, so too are bold and bright colours. So, if vibrant tones are more your speed, you’ll be glad to know that incorporating “small hints of bold primary colours such as blue, yellow and red” or touches of “ochre and aqua” will be welcome sights in 2022 interiors, according to Homes to love. These colours, also seen in Pantones predictions for the new year also lend themselves to re-emerging retro schemes with call backs to the décor of the 70s and 90s. 

Architectural Digest predict lines, curves and geometric designs will also be an interior staple in homes this year and will be seen anywhere from “radiused corners or curved backs on sofas and flared arms on chairs or bumpers on sectionals” and even “scalloped shapes on accent items from area rugs to ottomans”.  The use of curves doesn’t have to be dramatic and can instead be “soft to the eye and the hand to create an overall relaxed and comfortable feel within the space”. Homes to love also bolster the predictions of soft lines and curves finding their way into our interiors this year, confirming that the industry is leaning towards “softer, more tranquil spaces due to the current state of the world”. 

2022 is shaping up to be a multifaceted year, with no single scheme or trend set to universally dominate the industry, instead personal touches selected from a multitude of styles will be the prevailing concept for many.

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