Our Responsibilty

Tribe Home is committed to minimising our environmental and social impacts by enabling the integration of sustainability principles and practices in everything we do. 

We believe in our responsibility to respect the environment and the need to protect it for the future. We are constantly evaluating our strategy regarding environmental and social responsibility with the focus to address all levels of our supply chain over time.

Throughout our journey we have partnered with Care & Fair and TRAKS and are proud supporters of SEDEX to ensure we are doing everything we can to uphold our commitments to our values and mission.  

Care & Fair

Tribe Home has committed itself to financial support of the creation of school and training opportunities, as well as in primary health care and other measures provided by Care & Fair e.V. against illegal child labour in the carpet producing areas of India, Nepal and Pakistan.

We provide financial support to Care & Fair’s human project, which works towards terminating unjust practice in India. Each Tribe Home rug has a Care & Fair label to indicate our products are ethically supporting fair wages, trade and conduct. This methodology is critical in supporting the communities who ethically craft our rugs, which we are so passionate about. Furthermore, it advocates and contributes to improving local infrastructure, welfare and livelihoods.

In addition to our quarterly contributions to Care & Fair, Tribe Home also donates further funds raised through sales and initiatives held throughout the year. 


SEDEX is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations that work with businesses to improve supply chain working conditions. SEDEX provide businesses with the tools to operate responsibly and sustainably, as well as help protect workers and source ethically. 

Through using SEDEX, businesses are able to work together to better manage their social and environmental performance and improve working conditions throughout the supply chain.  

In an effort to ensure we uphold social and environmental responsible practices throughout all aspects of our supply chain, Tribe Home partners with suppliers who are members of SEDEX. 


Towards the end of 2021 Tribe Home was one of the first rug companies in Australia to join the TRAKS program. TRAKS is Australia’s first rug recycling program, created by Textile Recyclers Australia and Karie Soehardi Consultancy, the program keeps textile waste from the industry out of landfill by transforming unwanted rugs into yarns that can be used to create new furnishings. Through this program Tribe Home is encouraging and incentivising our customers to rethink the end-of-life cycle of unwanted goods and encourage thoughtful disposal of their rugs.

Each Tribe Home rug is designed to last for many years, once that time comes to an end, we are raising awareness to consumers to return their beloved rug – or a rug from any other brand – to TRAKS to be recycled. In return, we will provide our customers with a credit to be put towards their next Tribe Home rug and help to preserve the craft of handmade rugs globally.