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Tracing The Past

As we celebrate 10 years of Tribe Home, the theme of tracing the past continues to be a recurring element in everything we do. Our collection of overdyed Vintage Persian...

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2021 — The Year of Home

While 2020 can be bookmarked as a year of challenges, it can also be linked to the refined ingenuity and vision of our creative community, ready to take the new...

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Three Easy Ways To Get Your Home Christmas Ready!

The silly season is right around the corner, and with it comes the feeling your home is a revolving door of friends and family needing to be entertained - which we are...

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The Journey Behind Our Vintage Persian Rugs

Understanding the journey of each Vintage Persian rug is the key to uncovering just how extraordinary and rare they are.

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Why Vintage Is Here To Stay

You may be asking yourselves why vintage pieces and vintage rugs, such as those in our Vintage Persian collection, are becoming the most coveted home furnishings by everyone in the...

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Motives behind the Motifs

This collection is a passage of inspiration and discovery, perceived from the ground up. Our designs embrace refined depth with multi layered motifs and colourations, purposefully composed to be suitable...

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In Conversation with Rahim Walizada

In celebration of Rahim and his collection of Chuk Palu floor cushions, we reached out to the prolific Architect and Interior designer to discover more about his design inspiration and how...

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5 Most Popular Rug Questions!

Whether you’re new here or not, it’s clear that you have a keen eye for home interiors, which means you have probably noticed that at the heart of every home...

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