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How Rugs Can Enhance Your Winter Interior Schemes

From Cold Floors to Cosy Retreats: 
How Rugs Can Enhance Your Winter Interior Schemes

As the icy chill in the air becomes more apparent, there is no doubt winter is here – and with it the urge to turn our homes into a cosy retreat

While cushions, throws and even candles are considered essential for this, one often overlooked element that can truly tie your winter interiors together is the perfect handmade rug. Rugs not only add warmth underfoot but also serve as a versatile design tool to enhance the atmosphere of any room

Discover how adding a rug to your home will be the perfect finishing touch for the cooler months ahead.

Warmth and Insulation

During winter, bare floors can be a major influence in adding to the icy feeling of a home both physically and aesthetically. Rugs act as insulators, providing an extra layer of warmth that aids in keeping your home cosy and helps take away the chill from under your feet. Opting for thick, plush rugs made from fibres like wool such as our Elio Rug or Metro Rug designs help to create a barrier between your feet and the cold floor.

Visual Warmth

Beyond physical warmth, rugs contribute to the visual warmth of a room. In winter, when everything begins to become grey and washed out, incorporating rich, vibrant rugs in your home can inject some much needed colour back into your every day. Hues like burnt orange, verdant greens and bold purples instantly add a sense of warmth and comfort to your interiors. 

Texture, Pattern and Comfort

The texture of a rug can make a significant difference in how inviting a room feels. In the cooler seasons, when the goal is maximum comfort, choosing rugs with soft, luxurious textures can elevate your space to new heights of cosiness. Whether it's a thick piled, hand-tufted design like our Hendrix Rug which incorporates both pattern and texture with its looped pile design or our plush, handwoven Roam Rugs, made from hand-carded wool, the tactile experience of walking across a soft surface adds an element of luxury to your home, resulting in a space that welcomes and entices you to stay. 


Layering rugs is a trend that's gained popularity in recent years, and winter is the perfect time to embrace this style. Experimenting with different rug sizes, shapes, and textures allows you to create visual interest and depth in your rooms. For example, layering a smaller wool rug over a larger jute rug can add dimension to your space while also providing extra warmth and comfort.

Defining Spaces

In open-plan homes or rooms used for multiple functions, handmade rugs can be used to define separate areas and create peaceful nooks. In winter, when people tend to gather indoors, defining spaces for lounging, dining, or working becomes even more important. A rug will help anchor furniture arrangements and create boundaries, making each area feel distinct and inviting. 

Easy Refresh

One of the greatest benefits of using rugs in your winter schemes are their versatility. Unlike permanent fixtures or large furniture pieces, such as couches and chairs, rugs offer an easy and affordable way to update your home's look with minimal effort. Adding a rug allows you to instantly refresh and transform your home. 

Whether you're looking to add warmth underfoot, inject colour and texture into your space, or define separate areas within a room, rugs offer endless possibilities for customisation and creativity. So, as the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, consider adding a few cosy rugs to your home to create a winter retreat that's as stylish as it is inviting. 

Discover our collection of Winter Perfect rugs to help warm up your home.


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