Motives behind the Motifs

Motives behind the Motifs

Your home is everything, it’s a central space in your universe where you can slow down to your own authentic pace and decorate it in way that soothes and inspires you.

Our customer’s homes are diverse, and so too is our range of rugs to accommodate for the varied styles of interior design within Australia and New Zealand. Tribe Home is committed to introducing different designs to ensure we aren’t narrowing each collection into one look or scheme.

Along with urging individual style, we honour hand crafted skills when carefully sourcing from countries including Afghanistan, India and Iran. Valuing the art of following your intuition, our philosophy is simple, we believe at the heart of every home lays a beautiful handmade rug. We help you find the perfect rug that completes your dream home whilst preserving the craft of handmade rugs globally.



Each design is carefully considered and curated over a full year, resulting in a selection of rugs of intelligence and worldliness. The rugs you see mirror global trends through the borrowing of elements such as patterns or colours that have been forecasted, while still creating classic designs that stand the test of time. 

These subtly empowering and exclusive designs evoke an emotive attachment at first glance. Whilst we draw from our travels and global design movements, unexpectedly the Tribe Home rugs have returned to focus on natural fibres and textures that support our local Australian way of living, moving away from the common grey and silvers into harmoniously warm hues that bring an element of serenity to your home. You’ll experience a multitude of earthy shades that are grounding and welcoming. 


Accordingly, this rare collection consists of one of a kind, original Persian rugs that are full of history, characterful and dramatic motifs, as well as hand knotted pieces that take four to five months for one weaver to craft. Our vintage range embodies a recycling movement which we strongly support. Each earth conscious one of a kind carpet varies from 20-100 years old, refurbished for a new opportunity, every piece rich in history and design is as unique as the next. Our passion for discovering beautiful rugs is the driving force behind everything we do.

This collection is a passage of inspiration and discovery, perceived from the ground up. Our designs embrace refined depth with multi layered motifs and colourations, purposefully composed to be suitable for many different atmospheres within a home. With this collection we’re celebrating you and your sense of home, by infusing inspiration and reflection into our rugs of integrity, for your humbled retreat.


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