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Luxury Underfoot - Rugs for Every Space

A rug can transform a room, it can make an echoing space feel warm and cosy, a dull space bright and inviting, therefore, it is clear that selecting the right rug for your space is vital. 

Not sure where to start?

We have put together a guide to help you find the perfect fit for your home, no matter the space! 


There are so many styles and piles you can choose from when deciding on rugs for your bedroom. With bedrooms typically being a low-traffic area in your home Vogue Living and Elle Décor both believe that it is the perfect opportunity to place a plush, high pile rug in your space. A chunky textured rug, like our Aero or Bosco rugs, are the perfect pieces for your feet to wake up to in the morning as each loose-knit weave has a gorgeous soft and bouncy pile. Placing a textured or high piled rug your bedroom is also a great and simple way to add some extra cosied comfort to your space! 

For bedrooms Elle Décor also recommends that a rug placed in your bedroom  should establish the room as your quiet, peaceful retreat by going for colourways that are calming, as this will help relax you before going to sleep. Think moody greys, soft ivories and pale pastels. 

When wanting to inject a bit of luxury into your bedroom interiors, look no further than moody, shimmering handloomed rugs. Handloomed rugs often embody a stunning silk-like appearance, like our handloomed Casablanca rugs, and will infuse bedrooms with easy elegance. 

When it comes to sizing, Vogue Living and Elle Décor agree, the bigger the better. With renowned interior designer Frank De Biasi confirming to Elle, that a “wall-to-wall rug make the bedroom softer and much quieter” which “really helps to quite the outside and indoor noise”. 

If you want to go smaller in size for a bedroom rug, then it is all about the position. Ideally you want a rug to go right under the bed, whilst also allowing for some generous overhang on either side to ensure the rug is what your feet touch when getting out of bed (Picture 2 or 3). Otherwise, if you have one side of the bed up against a wall you can afford to flip the rug around and have it halfway under your bed with the rest overhanging on the free side of your bed (picture 1). Alternatively, you can go out the box and utilise a round rug at the bottom corner or side of your bed (picture 4).



Living and Dining Rooms

Dining and living or lounge rooms are often the busiest areas in the house, along with higher traffic in these spaces comes more eyes on your floors, so why not have a little fun with it? 

Dare to be different with bright and colourful designs, Vogue Living believe that by adding print and bright hues to your living space you will be able to give your home a “warmth and texture that will allow for a starting point in your colour palette”. Another way to bring visual interest to your dining and living areas can be by utilising hand-carved designs like our Crete rug. Handloomed foundations with hand-tufted high-low motifs create an enduring and effervescent atmosphere that will impress a vibrant energy into your home. Supporting this idea, Elle Décor also encourages the use of rugs to “weave in loud personality”, advising to go with large and vibrant designs that pull the room together without dominating the space. 

If easy to care for is what you after, then a flatweave rug is perfect for you and can be placed in your home to ensure low maintenance without sacrificing on style. Incorporate designs like Malibu and Nelson to ensure your dining room and lounge room still look beautiful and bright all year long, no matter how many visitors walk through your space. 

Once colour and design have been chosen, your next steps are to decide on size. Vogue Living argue that size can impact your living and dining rooms overall look, and believe that for smaller or tiny rooms you can dramatically change its appearance by using a rug “that fits wall-to-wall to make the room appear larger, and for larger rooms, area rugs act as a great divider and a way to create a vignette within the space”. 

Another key aspect to choosing a rug for your living or dining area is of course placement. For dining rooms, you need to consider not only the sizing of table but also the number of chairs that will need to fit on the rug, House Beautiful also suggest pulling each chair away from the dining table to measure how large the rug will need to be as you “don’t want chairs half on, half off your rug when it’s pulled out”. 

For lounge rooms you will want to avoid your rug looking like a postage stamp, floating in the middle of the room with no furniture anchoring it to the overall scheme. Each piece of furniture, if it cannot sit entirely on the rug, should have at least the front two legs resting on the rugs surface. For a better idea on what size rug to choose and how to place your furniture, we have put together a small guide below for you to follow. 

Found the inspiration you need to give your home a refresh? Shop our Rugs For Every Space. 

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