2021 — The Year of Home

2021 — The Year of Home

2021 — The Year of Home

After a year of adapting our lives to the new normal, we are now looking towards adapting the spaces we live in, with 2021 set to be the year of home, design and interiors.

While 2020 can be bookmarked as a year of challenges, it can also be linked to the refined ingenuity and vision of our creative community, ready to take the new year on with an artillery of motivation, inspiration and fresh ideas.

Accompanying newfound imagination and creativity are the two Pantone colours of the year, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating (a bright yet subdued yellow).

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Upon announcing the rare choice of selecting two colours, Executive Director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman confirmed that the selection of two individual colours was done to “highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it’s not about one [colour] or one person, it’s about more than one”.

Bringing tones of grey and yellow into our homes will help encapsulate the strength we have gained from a tough year, and the positivity that will come with the joyful memories yet to be made.

Further embracing the use of these two colours in homes and interiors in 2021, is London-based interior designer and architect Laura Hammett who shared with Vogue that we will see “soft, warm and comforting tones” in interiors this year as “people are embracing calming colour palettes that create a sanctuary in their home”. This is a particularly important concept, as after the past year we found ourselves spending more time at home, whether that be for work or entertaining - a trend that will continue for the rest of this year.

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A move towards unification of elements is a recurring theme for the year ahead, with a seamless connection between form and function also becoming paramount now that we are looking to transform our homes into a new retreat with things of meaning. Spending more time at home means there is now an increased importance on comfort. Therefore, luxury as we have previously defined it will also change to now incorporate how comfort meets luxury.

One way we will see this in action will be with the use of vintage and antique furnishings, with Kiel Wuellner, vice president of design at Vesta, a US-based design, furniture and staging firm, sharing with Vogue Living that we will see “vintage and antique pieces gaining more popularity” in 2021. This is due to one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces being key to adding a sophisticated, multidimensional look to a home that will “make it feel liveable and not overly designed”.

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Additionally, Wuellner confirmed that in order to create interiors with a lived-in feel “designers and owners are gravitating towards rugs and pillows that embrace flaws, natural movement and subtle moments of rough texture to add character to spaces”.

The idea of adding tactile designs to spaces to form beautiful and soulful interiors is cemented by many industry specialists and design authorities, including Elle UK, Belle and Vogue, who agree that 2021 will see a gravitation to textural furnishing to help evoke feelings of comfort and simplicity while still producing an eye-catching façade.

Ultimately, all of these elements – colour, texture and a new normal – have come together to inspire a home that will nurture and reenergise us in 2021.

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