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Why Vintage Is Here To Stay

Late last year, 2020 was heralded by many design experts to be the year of vintage. As it turns out, this may have been the only prediction of what this year entailed that actually came to fruition.

Always aiming to be on the forefront of predicting trends and discovering interior movements, we forecast the alluring appeal of Vintage rugs back in 2018 during our travels in Europe and were curious to uncover how they would translate to Australian interiors. Solidifying what we knew then, the vintage trend has since continued to rise and is only expected to keep growing, demonstrating that Vintage pieces are not only timeless, they are undoubtably here to stay.

You may be asking yourselves why vintage pieces and vintage rugs, such as those in our Vintage Persian collection, are becoming the most coveted home furnishings by everyone in the know? While there are many influences that are contributing to the demand and appeal to own a vintage piece, the first and foremost factor is the increased desire for sustainability. With a worldwide surge in the recycling movement and uptick in environmentalism it is evident that placing a vintage piece in your home is the perfect step towards sustainability.  

The use of a vintage piece, such as a vintage rug, is not only an easy way to practice sustainability, it is also an unparalleled way for us to look back in order to look forward. Defining current and future trends with designs of the past is another reason why vintage styles are here to stay. More and more designers are finding ways to incorporate vintage styles into modern aesthetics to create standout interiors that are truly in a league of their own. Utilising a vintage rug in a modern home has never looked so good and is a powerful way to create a home that reflects your individuality. 

Adding to defining trends linked to vintage pieces and pushing them into the forefront of enviable interiors is the concept of rugs as art. Art engages you, art evokes passion, and just as collecting art has always been a constant aspiration, collecting functional art is following suit and transforming into an interior design movement. When regarding Vintage Persian rugs, like the ones in our exclusive new drop, it is no wonder these once-in-a-lifetime rugs of beauty are blurring the lines of art and function. These never to be repeated pieces define elegance and will instantly elevate the floors you walk on.  

Last but not least, vintage styles, like our Vintage Persian rugs, will remain consistent staples of coveted interiors as they are filled with history and employ time-honoured local designs that our weavers put their heart and soul into in order to create rugs of unequalled beauty. They are lavish and refined, offering feelings of escapism to a time before the angsts of modern-day society. Vintage pieces effortlessly evoke calmness and tranquillity into a space unlike any other style with their subtle lived in feel. All of this and more is why vintage is and always will be here to stay. 

Discover for yourself how you can create a space where time stands still and end your quest to find the perfect rug with our latest and most exclusive drop of Vintage Persian rugs. Each of our hand-knotted Vintage carpets are beyond compare and are up to 80 years old and come with a certificate of authenticity and a unique story that will only be added to by you, for years to come.

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