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Tracing The Past

As we celebrate 10 years of Tribe Home, the theme of tracing the past continues to be a recurring element in everything we do. Our collection of overdyed Vintage Persian carpets captures the essence of this journey through history. 

Shot on location at the Establishment Studios in Melbourne to celebrate this special collection of Vintage Persian rugs and to give them the spotlight they deserve; we invite you to go on a journey with us and uncover the connections between East and West.

‘Tracing the past’ is a juxtaposition of how well old and new work together, taking on a whole new interior design direction. This collection consists of carpets plucked from history that find their place in the modern world, bringing with them a story destined to be repeated. Legacies, history and skill are handed down from generation to generation then woven into the soul of our Vintage Persian carpets, making them all that much more special.

Restoring these rugs from another time is the sustainable practice of overdying rugs that are unloved, worn and faded.
Through this process we take part in the recycling movement, with one rug travelling through hundreds of hands and multiple decades before it covers your floor. This recycling movement helps preserve traditional rugs of note for future generations, whilst acknowledging the skill and care taken to create them in the first place.   

Director and Founder of Tribe Home, Tina Richards, speaks on her motivations of curating an exclusive and one-of-a-kind collection of Vintage Persian Rugs. Tribe Home draws from numerous sources of reference and inspiration. Among them are furniture, art, and what is happening in the design world. Although always looking forward, we cannot ignore our past. Every rug is chosen looking through the lens of a designer’s eye and hand selected by us. How the rug will relate to a room and space, and what impact it will have is paramount. Interior schemes have already formed in our minds when selecting our Vintage carpets. We feel a strong connectedness to every piece that forms each of our collections.” 

Objects made slowly by hand still have a place in today’s world – telling rich stories, sparking conversations and inspiring new memories for years to come. A hand-knotted Vintage rug is ever-present, there to ground and nurture us, compelling us to connect with the people and the space that surrounds us. 

Incorporating Vintage carpets into modern aesthetics will create standout
interiors that are truly in a league of their own

We invite you to discover your perfect Vintage Carpet, call us on (03) 9701 8258.

Stylist – @karinbochnikstylist
Photography – 

With thanks to the following beautiful furniture and homewares companies:
Trit House, Fomu, Moda Piera, Sophie Ceramics, District Furniture, SBW Furniture, Lost Profile, Didier, Ella Benrups and Jan Vogelpoel Ceramics.

Discover the collection and trace the past to uncover your present interiors. 
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