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Three Easy Ways To Get Your Home Christmas Ready!

The silly season is right around the corner, and with it comes the feeling your home is a revolving door of friends and family needing to be entertained - which we are all probably thankful for this year. However, this often leads us to have a closer look around our home and noticing our interiors are starting to look a bit lacklustre and antiquated. This time of year often means we are all short on time, so doing a major overhaul is likely out of the question. So, how can you give your home an easy facelift? 

Start from the ground up  —

A rug is an investment piece of any interior as it steals the show. It is the centrepiece of any room helping to create a sense of luxury and sanctuary. A rug can either compliment the scheme of your room, or it can be used to make a statement – whether it be a bright colour or bold pattern. Placing – or replacing – a rug in your living or dining room is a great starting place when wanting to revamp your home quickly. A rug can be used in a multitude of ways to add new life to your home, for instance, you can use them to create a visual pathway in your hallway, as a way to connect spaces or to zone areas within open plan spaces. A major benefit of selecting a rug first is that it is often easier to build a colour palette for a room based on the colour in the rug. Which leads us to our next step… 

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Swap out  your throws and cushions —

It is amazing what a difference it can make to your home by altering your colour scheme or adding in a little texture in the shape of a cushion. Simply changing up your throws and cushions is an effortless and quick way to update the appearance of your home. You can evoke a sense of harmony by selecting the same colour cushions and throw that is already present in your rug or surrounding room. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous you can go bold and contrast with different colours, fabrics and prints to add a feeling of whimsy to your home. To really add some intrigue into your space, adding floor cushions is an easy way to open a space right up. Not to mention they are great for entertaining and sitting around a charcuterie board, inside or outside. When chosen correctly, cushions and throws can instantly lift a room as well as create interest and depth. Don’t limit yourself to just your living room, you can add comfort and refinement to bedrooms and outdoor settings the same way!

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Play with plants, pots and home décor —

One of the biggest trends right now, that is showing no signs of going away, is bringing a touch of nature into our living spaces. Adding an indoor plant or two to your home is an easy way to inject life into your space. You can stick to the basics or use plants to bring an unexpected dose of colour into the corner of your rooms. If you’d rather play it safe with the colour of your plant, you can add a touch of opulence by playing with the type of planter you use. Golds and silvers are an eye-catching way to make your plant stand out that also helps to create a sense of casual luxury. Lastly, play around with home décor such as decorative bowls, trays and vases to give your home that final touch of effortless elegance. Styling them in the centre of coffee tables, on bench tops or even on top of floor cushions to evoke a bohemian atmosphere, is a simple way to update your space and a sure way to make a statement.

By following these three easy steps you are sure to feel proud to show off your “refreshed” home at Christmas time to anyone, even those last minute and unannounced guests that seem to pop in when you least expect it.

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