About us

T R I B E   H O M E .
Founded in 2010 by Tina Richards, Tribe Home was born out of the desire to decorate and a belief that a good room always starts from the ground up.

Upon traveling the world at age 23 (a long time ago now) I would often find myself wandering into a carpet or rug shop in some remote village off the beaten track. Making a backpacker purchase, having some fun bargaining and not thinking about the logistics of getting these beauties safely home to Melbourne. My traveling companions would often laugh at me and my heavy back pack. There were times I would toss out clothes and shoes just so I could fit in my latest purchase! Fast forward many years later, travel, various jobs, Interior design study and motherhood, and I guess it was only a natural progression that I would one day fall into the importing, sourcing and designing of rugs. After all rugs are beautiful items that tell a story and are as unique as the artisans that weave them, and the cities and villages they originate from. I am still in wonder of the whole rug process. The setting up of looms, the dying of yarn, the intricate work done by a weavers hand, the finishing processes and even the packing and shipping and how they come to be gracing our floors after traveling all that way. When you think about all these factors it makes for a truly special item to have and own.

The majority of our rugs are made in India. Our hand made baskets from Bangladesh and Vietnam. It is important that “Care and Fair” is an integral part of the businesses and suppliers we deal with and that they are aware and supportive of Children’s Welfare and Fair Trade. With the purchase of a Tribe Home rug from India you help to fight illegal child labour and contribute toward the welfare of children and weavers families in the carpet weaving areas.

I hope you enjoy looking around our website. We offer a wide variety of rugs and storage ware that are timeless classics, made from natural fibres to suit both traditional and contemporary spaces. We look forward to helping you find your perfect rug. One that is as unique as you, that will make your heart swoon and your room sing! If you are a retailer or an interior decorator/designer and would like to discuss wholesale and or custom made please contact us. For tips on how to look after your rug read here. To find a stockist in your area please visit our list of stockist’s.